CST Studio Suite®

CST Studio Suite is a 3D electromagnetic simulation solution for designing, analysing, and optimizing electromagnetic components and systems. It is used to understand how the products will behave in the real world.

What CST Studio Suite Offers


Antenna Design & Optimization

Design and optimize extensive arrays and reflector antennas to miniaturized antennas imprinted on densely populated PCBs.


Electromagnetic Compatibility

Identify and rectify potential issues right from the initial design phase, mitigating costly prototype errors.


EDA/ Electronics

Design and assess RF/microwave circuits in either schematic or 3D environments, utilizing tools like SI, PI, and DDR4 wizard.



Visulaize bioelectromagnetics, where electromagnetic fields interact with the human body, impacting medical devices, imaging, and safety regulations.


Particle dynamics

Discover electromagnetic effects on particles, simulate Vacuum Electron Devices, and cutting-edge tech. leveraging SIMULIA into design and real-world performance.


Low Frequency Simulation

Examine and shape electrical machinery, resistive and superconducting magnets, transformers, actuators, and high-voltage devices.

Explore the Capabilities with CST Studio Suite

Antenna Design and Simulation

Antenna design involves selecting antennas matching bandwidth and polarization, while simulation optimizes designs and assesses real-world performance. Antennas are vital for devices and wireless systems, from smartphones to spacecraft, for communication like wifi and 5G. Trends like 6G and satellite internet drive new designs. Antennas also contribute to radar, sensing, medical devices, and energy transfer. Simulation guides development, optimization, and performance analysis with SIMULIA tools, including components like feeds and filters. For more, see Microwave & RF simulation.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) ensures devices function without interfering with others, adhering to international standards. Balancing EMC with size, cost, and performance can be challenging. Early identification of EMC issues minimizes disruptions. Simulation offers a detailed EMC view, aiding issue detection and resolution before testing, reducing development time, costs, and regulatory test failures. SIMULIA's tools cover interference, EMC, and environmental effects analysis. CST Studio Suite allows study of EMC categories, system-level effects, and hybridization between solvers for comprehensive solutions.

EDA Electronics

Integrating simulation into electronic design workflows is vital for addressing complex SI/PI challenges in high-speed electronics. SIMULIA's CST Studio Suite seamlessly integrates with ECAD and MCAD tools, enabling engineers to analyze SI/PI and EMC from pre-layout to post-layout phases. Through advanced tech like Broadband Macromodeling, CST Studio Suite extracts SPICE models from 3D electromagnetic simulations, supporting detailed system-level analysis. By capturing behaviors like crosstalk and voltage tolerances, it ensures optimal signal and power performance, minimizing interference and noise in high-speed systems.


Bioelectromagnetics studies the interaction between electromagnetic fields and the human body, crucial for medical devices, imaging, and safety regulations for products like smartphones. SIMULIA provides specialized simulation tools to address these challenges, utilizing design tools, realistic material models, and high-performance solvers for detailed analysis of electromagnetic fields within the body. Supporting CAD and voxel body models, SIMULIA software allows accurate simulations with thermoregulation effects, portraying the impact of electromagnetic fields on body heat.

Particle dynamics

SIMULIA's simulation portfolio employs solvers for particle-electromagnetic interactions, utilizing CST Studio Suite and Opera. This toolset covers particle emission, relativistic motion, accelerating fields, and RF exposure, supporting particle-based component design and vacuum electronics devices. The approach accounts for breakdown effects and multiphysics considerations, offering a versatile solution for particle dynamics simulation.

Simulation of Low-Frequency EM Fields

SIMULIA's specialized low-frequency and static simulation tools are essential for magnet design, high-voltage devices, and electrical machines across industries. Material modeling aids motor simulation, streamlining development and enhancing reliability through coupled physics analysis, reducing time, cost, and risk.

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