Powered by the 3DEXPERIENC® platform, ENOVIA helps you deliver transformative innovations.



ENOVIA enables teams from across the value network to securely collaborate and innovate together, helping transform market opportunities into marketplace advantages. Discover how ENOVIA helps your organization across a variety of business processes and disciplines.


Managing the product development process with Effective collaboration among product teams & suppliers.


Fully visualize the product development process, and facilitating improved decision-making to ensure quality processes & practices.


Linking product development data to programs with real-time monitoring & assessments.

ENOVIA Domains


Organizations need this capability to bring diligence, integrity, and rigor to their operations. Clients have all the information they need in one place to make the right decisions. The solutions offered by ENOVIA can ensure that product development costs are minimized and fulfill customer demands.

  • Link products or services portfolio definition to the product development plan.
  • Establish a strategy and execute it.
  • Build an integrated plan with product development.
  • Address the industry’s requirements for quality management, material compliance, and IP security.
  • Ensure connectivity, traceability, and transparency.

Virtual Product Development

ENOVIA allows users to conceptualize, create, test, and produce multi-disciplined products that combine mechanical, electronic, and software design elements. Using the comprehensive data model to create the ostensibly magical Digital Twin. The organization can:

  • Ensure the product is designed and built accurately as it was imagined.
  • Use the Twin to identify configuration effects.
  • Validate development-based behavioral hypotheses.
  • Gather data and simulate results using the Twin.
  • Forecast how processes or products will function.

Value Network

Value Network solutions can model, simulate, create, and manage robust value networks that are responsive and scalable for both out-of-the-box (OOTB) and co-designed systems. Upstream collaboration with the value network ensures the selection of suppliers that:

  • Reduce product costs while maintaining quality and adhering to regulations.
  • Connect your supply network to the innovation process clients.
  • Optimize and transform processes and products.
  • Assist in achieving sustainability (or any other) goals.
  • Clients and suppliers collaborate to determine the optimal action based on shared sustainability KPIs.

Collaborative & Intelligence

This domain contains the essential platform capabilities of connecting people, data, and processes. All users in the same place are connected to all aspects of work in the context of the work streams.

  • Allow for structure collaboration and governance across the value network.
  • Optimize the environment for the workforce of the future.
  • Eliminate a patchwork of communication technologies and dismantle departmental silos.
  • Improve productivity and quality and cut costs.

ENOVIA Key Topics


Change Management

A systematic approach to the documentation of changes.


Program Management

A group of related projects is managed and coordinated to obtain benefits not available from managing them individually.


Project Management

The use of specific knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to deliver value to people.


Configuration Management

Systems engineering process for consistent product data structures.


Product Lifecycle Management

All product stages, including its conception, engineering, design, manufacture, servicing, and disposal.


Digital Twin

Originated by NASA, It is the 3D representation that serves as the real-time digital counterpart of a physical product or process.

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