Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, DELMIA helps industries and services to Collaborate, Model, Optimize, and Perform their operations.



DELMIA, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, helps industries and service providers connect the virtual and real worlds of value networks to collaborate, model, optimize and perform.

Operational excellence requires harmony across the value network. DELMIA provides solutions to leverage the virtual world of modeling and simulation with the real world of operations to provide a complete solution to value network stakeholders: From suppliers, to manufacturers, to logistics and transportation providers, to service operators and workforces.


An integral part of the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform is the connection between the virtual and real worlds.


Allows for highly precise and accurate modeling of all industrial components and systems.


One of the key features offered by DELMIA is its capabilities to attain optimum performance across the board.

Disciplines of DELMIA

Collaborative Operations

DELMIA Collaborative Operations is the cornerstone of the 3DEXPERIENCE Operations vision. With that vision comes Lean practices-- a standard part of business, building better team relationships and visualizing 3D content and data within a digital framework. While enabling a common understanding for all stakeholders, DELMIA 3DLean addresses different team challenges and goals to continuously improve operational efficiency by empowering teams to find new ways to innovate together.


Industrial Engineering

DELMIA Industrial Engineering enables innovation and efficiency by planning, simulating, and modeling global operations. DELMIA allows manufacturing and service providers to virtually experience their entire operations from the impact of design to determining how to meet global demand. This is made possible with a single 3D data model across operations--spanning engineering, manufacturing, logistics and service.


Manufacturing & Operations

DELMIA Manufacturing & Operations solutions transform global operations to achieve and sustain operational excellence. This is accomplished through digital continuity, a shared digital landscape connecting all stakeholders to improve visibility into, control over and synchronization across manufacturing operations and supply chain processes on a global scale. The result is improved agility and expanded continuous improvement across the enterprise and extended value network.


Supply Chain Planning & Optimization

DELMIA Supply Chain Planning and Optimization powers reality-based planning, scheduling and optimization for complex business processes within manufacturing, logistics, transit and workforce operations--across all planning horizons. Built around a 100%-fit model, it's configured to respect all of an organization's unique rules and constraints, such as production capacity, inventory and logistics constraints, contractual requirements and more.


DELMIA's Products

Dive into our extensive array of DELMIA for Manufacturing solutions, offering a diverse portfolio of 3D modeling applications, simulation tools for crafting virtual replicas of products or production systems, collaborative platforms fostering teamwork and innovation, and information intelligence applications empowering data-driven decision-making.


DELMIA Ortems offers solutions for agile planning, scheduling and production. It takes traditional Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) to the next level, adding the power of constraint-based, finite-capacity resource optimization and synchronization of production flows.

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