Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, BIOVIA™ provides global, collaborative product lifecycle experiences to transform scientific innovation



BIOVIA is a leading suite of software solutions that empower organizations to accelerate innovation, streamline workflows, and drive productivity across the product lifecycle. With a focus on collaboration, data integration, and advanced analytics.

Scientific References

BIOVIA Discovery Studio, Materials Studio and COSMO-RS are widely leveraged by scientists world-wide.

Scientific Software

Integrates the diversity of science, experimental processes and information requirements.


Include Scientific Informatics, Molecular Modeling & Simulation, Data Science, and much more.

What we offer


Connected Laboratory Informatics tools to optimize Lab Productivity and Compliance


Materials Science & simulation tools to foster Innovation for next generation materials.


Bioscientific digital tools to accelerate discovery of next generation therapies.

BIOVIA's Products

BIOVIA enables businesses to make informed decisions and bring high-quality products to market faster than ever before.

Materials Studio

Unleashing Innovation

Unlock the full potential of materials science with Materials Studio, BIOVIA's integrated multi-scale modelling environment.


Predictive Fluid Phase Modeling

Experience the power of predictive Modeling with COSMOsuite, BIOVIA's comprehensive toolbox for fluid phase properties.

Discovery Studio

Fueling Life Sciences Discovery

Embark on a journey of discovery with BIOVIA Discovery Studio, the comprehensive modeling and simulation application for life sciences.

Pipeline Pilot

Empowering Enterprise Science

Streamline your enterprise science and engineering processes with Pipeline Pilot, BIOVIA's powerful platform leveraging AI and Machine Learning.

Formulation Scientist

Accelerating Formulation Design

Speed up formulation design and development with Formulation Scientist, BIOVIA's cloud app package designed to meet market needs and opportunities.

BIOVIA Disciplines


Molecular Modeling and Simulation: Unlocking New Frontiers

Experience the power of molecular modeling and simulation with BIOVIA. Our innovative solutions provide a snapshot of the fundamental atomic interactions that drive product performance


Biopharma Quality and Compliance: Ensuring Patient Safety and Excellence

Quality is paramount in the biopharma industry, impacting patient safety, treatment efficacy, sustainability, and brand reputation.


Data Science: Driving Insights, Driving Innovation

Unlock the potential of your data with BIOVIA's data science solutions. Our scalable framework enables organizations to create, validate, and consume data science workflows efficiently.


Formulation Design: From Idea to Market

Efficiently manage the formulation lifecycle with BIOVIA's formulation design solutions. Ensure regulatory compliance globally while improving productivity and speeding products to market.

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